Andrew Geiger


Windermere/Van Vleet and Associates, Inc.

1117 E Jackson St

Medford, OR 97504

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Office: (541) 779-6520

Mobile: (541) 227-8379




Website: http://ageiger.withwre.com

License Number: 201219118, Licensed in Oregon

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My Life In The Rogue Valley

I have lived in the greater Rogue Valley area for 20+ years. I am great admirer of the outdoors. Over the past years I have spent a great deal of time enjoying the many outdoor activities that the beautiful state of Oregon has to offer; such as: Hiking, Rock Climbing, Rafting, Dirt biking, Camping and Horseback Riding.

My Family

My lovely wife Linda is a professional horse trainer. Linda and I have one son, Thomas, who turned 4 months old on 12/3/16.

My parents Bill and Enita both Navy veterans live in Eagle Point. My father owns several local businesses including: CYA Security, and Vanguard Security. He also used to own a jewelry manufacturing company "Rogue Valley Bench-Works", which he sold in 2014.

I have an older brother and sister. My sister Lauren is a culinary chef. She and her husband live in Ashland. 

My brother Michael works for our father, but he is considering a career in the military.

We are quite the diverse family.